Darcy reviews the DVD “Record of Lodoss War”

From the box: Lodoss, the accursed island, Born in battle and baptized in fire, it has seen wars ravage it’s kingdom for thousands of years, Now, an evil beyond any it has ever faced before is awakening, and a party of six are drawn together to battle for the future of everything dear to them. among them: Parn, a young fighter who lacks experience and i driven by his desire to redeem his father’s tarnished name; Deedlit, a young and haughty elf girl who is both attracted to the young fighter and infuriated by his lack of interest. Ghim, a grizzled dwarf warrior haunted by a personal failure; Eton, a young priest; Slayn, a skilled magic user. And Woodchuck, a cynical but good natured thief.
Six who barely know each other. Six who must learn to act with a single purpose. Six who are destined to become heroes as they encounter enemies and allies beyond their wildest imaginations. Join the quest! The war for the future of Lodoss has begun!

This is a two dvd set and is a movie, and one of the best i have ever seen. It starts out with the party doing some dungeon crawling in a dwarven mine. Here you get introduced to everyone. And you can just see that this who thing could have been a dungeon and dragon game put to animation. Woodchuck acts just like you would think a thief would act, wise cracking; in it just for the money and treasure, but still there for his friends and party members. He changes as the movie goes on, and becomes a lot more than we first think in the opening. He maybe a thief, but there is a lot of honor in his heart. Parn is a young boy who is a knight errand? I think that’s what you call them. He wears his father’s old armor as a badge of honor to him, his father was once a well known knight in the kingdom, but something bad happened and he was blamed for a lot of things, and left the kingdom in shame. Parn is trying to find the truth as to what really happened and trying to bring honor back to his father’s name. He is head strong, and very reckless. And isn’t sure about his feelings for the elf girl. Will he find his answers and become a knight like his father? Oh now, I can’t tell you that silly. hehe.
Ghim, is a old dwarf warrior. He has seen many battles and many adventures, you get the idea that he just wants to end “all this foolish” and just retire somewhere. He comes off as gruff, short tempered and he really doesn’t like elves at all. Especially young elf girls. hehe. But he isn’t all bad, in fact he is one one my favorite characters in the movies. He too, like Parn’s father, had a problem in his pass life; one that comes back to haunt him in this movie. Eton is a very young priest. He seems to be the same age as Parn, and they are very good friends. He acts just like a lawful good cleric or paladin and will oftend heal people or say when he doesn’t feel right about what the others do. He is young, but he is also very wise.
Slayn is the mage of the group. He seems to know Ghim from before, maybe they went on adventures together or something. They remind you of Aragon and Grimli from lord of the rings. What i like about his character and also what I don’t under stand about him is how he casts spells. He cast magic using regents and words like you would think a mage would, but he also prays like a priest or cleric would do. So maybe he is a magic user/cleric? I don’t know for sure but he is VERY high level. and his spells are way cool the way they are animated.
Deedlit is the elf girl, and she’s a woodelf for sure. She is like a ranger i guess, but she can cast magic too. By calling on nature and spirits and stuff. She is pretty cool and sometimes very funny in how she makes fun of the dwarf. Although it get old a little them poking fun of each other. It is not done mean or anything, it’ just that you are like okay I get it. hehe.

This is just how a good game of dungeon and dragons should be. Everyone acts like they should, dwarfs don’t like elves, magic users use regents and say magic words, or write symbols in the air. Spells look just like you think they would. The character’s are all people you care about, and the story is very good. It would make a great book! And honest. If they had done the Dungeon and Dragons Movie like this, EVERYONE would have loved it. It’s that good.
The dvd came out in 2001 i think, I know it’s been around for a while. So you can probably find it on netflix or amazon for sure. Now it is rated PG it says, and it’s for kids and adults ages 13 and up. But there is nothing really scary in here. There is animated blood and people do get hurt and even killed. But honest? It isn’t nothing you didn’t see in like Lord of the Rings movies or any cartoon on Saturdays. Like Spiderman or Batman. So I am going to say anyone can see this, maybe best if with parents. But DO see this!!! I can’t tell you how good this one is, it is one one the BEST.

Hope you enjoy it!


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