David suggests some more Anime (PG-13)

Something that came out almost three years ago is “Bokurano.”
It will make you cry and would have at least PG-13 rating if ever released here.
Plot/topics: middle school kids are tricked into piloting a giant robot.  At first “pretty cool.”
Then they learn the price that has to be cool and the rest of the show is about getting out of the contract
and how different people face certain death and the government covers ups that the planet depends on kids.
And how do we get this technology for ourselves?
Multiverse as well.  Also, has bursts of static between scenes (did I just miss something important?)

Something else I would like to see all of, but have not is “Giantic Formula.”  Giant stone heads of the Greek gods are found. They nearly destroy the world.  They have the human build them giant robot bodies and fight one another.

Each country in the world has its own god/robot.  It is not that messed up and should be find with middle schoolers. In a demoralizing start the Russian airforce runs rough-sod over the Japanese military, then the Russian god/robot shows up. Much time of the series is spent with the different pilots of the god/robots.



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