HTGYG Show #29: Not All Animation Is For Kids!

Hi everone! We begin with a voicemail from Tim commenting on women heroes, and how Col. Samantha Carter was so smart she even rescued MacGyver! Darcy picked out these women heroes, and I have to say I agree with her choice!

Then I talked about being aware that not all animation is for kids. Be it books, movies, games or television, you as parents and adults should be aware of the content, and know if it is appropriate for the kids to have.

I recommended the Miyazaki films Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro (and I forgot to mention Kiki’s Delivery Service) for kids, and the Girl Genius graphic novels for teens – one of Darcy’s faves!

Thanks for all the input, and keep it coming! And, if you have some time, I would appreciate a review on iTunes!

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  1. the lows says:

    Being big fans of anime here, darcy and myself; we have learned this fact first hand. And after going to a anime convention over the weekend we can tell you they are getting more kid friendly in many cases. parents have to be very careful, just because a dvd box looks cute, the anime may not be.
    To add to the list of good ones, darcy recommends:
    The cat returns.

    A Chinese Ghost Story

    Whisper of the Heart

    Dog of Flanders

    The best online guide I have found is here:

    How ever, I strongly disagree that the movie “Grave of the Fireflys” is something you want to let kids see. The is very much more geared towards adults. It deals with two kids, a brother and sister; who are living on their own after the mother is killed during a bombing. very sad and depressing. I seen it myself years ago, and it’s images still trouble me. I won’t let darcy watch it, so i would recommend parents do the same. otherwise the web site is a good tool, and has very good descriptions of the anime.


  2. Thanks, Tim, for this! As I admitted, I don’t know much about anime yet, and it is good to see your advice and a guide to choosing.

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