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Hi hi everyone
I been busy doing some checking around and I found some really good things that will help you guys.
I am just now getting into manga, so its new to me. There is a lot of it out there, a lot of it is more for boys then girls too. And dad was sorta right, there are some that have violent stuff in them, but for the most part the stuff at Borders and Barnes and Nobles are for teens and kids. You just have to pretty much take it and open it up and flip though it to see. a lot easier with a book then a anime. 🙂

But I found out some really cool stuff. First, there is a Star wars manga out there! Yeps, from all the movies. Kevin would like that a lot. There is a American style manga series of the clone wars books out too.
Another one that is good, is the legend of Zelda manga.

I picked up the one where he is a adult at the convention and it is really good.

My neighbor Totoro is also available as a manga, I think there are four books of it so far. the movie was really good.

i also heard about this place:


it has a lot of books that are good for kids 9 and up.

here are some more good web sites on manga:




Okay on anime, i found some really good one you guys might want to check out. First off, did you know the Lion King was first done as a anime long before we got the Lion King here? Yeps. It was called Kimba the White Lion. and it was around back when Speed Racer was. Looks like same people drew it too. He’s got his own web site.


Another cool one to check out is Nadia, the secret of blue water.


The Robotech ones are pretty good, Kevin might like it more since he is into Star Wars. might have to wait until he is older, the story is kinda complicated and stuff.

And I am starting to watch one called, Fate: stay night. it is all about a group of knights sent out to find the Holy Grail, and one of them is a girl. It takes places back in the crusades, when they had made kids into knights. There is fighting, but nothing really icky so far, mostly war type stuff.

Dad also wanted me to mention, that if you want to get into Girl Genius. (which is wicked funny); go on itunes and get the radio drama. Think there was only a few of them, but Mr Wright plays one of the characters, and the husband and wife who came up with it do too. The only thing to warn you on the comic is that sometimes Agatha, the main girl in the story wakes up and she is in her underwear, but is is like old time 1800 type underwear, like long johns. So nothing bad and stuff. It is a funny running joke that she builds inventions in her sleep, then when she wakes up, she and her friends have to figure out what it is and what it does. One was a robot/alarm clock that was wicked funny. You will hear that one on itunes.

Dad also said for you guys to check out Asterix the Gaul. It has been around for ages, and is pretty cool. Has a lot about history, there are videos and games out on it too.



Stay away from the live action ones, those are really dumb and bad. 😛

Well hope that helps, i’ll do some reviews soon on ones i got at the convention.



  1. the lows says:

    Darcy also wanted to mention that Eliza also helped out a great deal with finding good Magna for girls and kids. Many thanks go to her for helping with this list.


  2. Bruce Bell-Myers says:

    What do you know about tinierme.com? My six-year old is SO into Vocaloid and Miku, and she very much would like to join this site. But it looks too grown up to me – not as safe as “Club Penguin” which is made for the younger set. My first instinct is to say not til you’re older. I suppose you’d agree…

    Any thoughts on alternate manga / anime oriented sites like that I could offer her? She is quite precocious, reading well above her level – a true geek, you know.

  3. Bruce,

    I’ve not heard of Tinierme.com, so I’ll have to do some research and let you know!
    Thanks for the comment!

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