In Memory of Natalie Morris

Natalie Morris, wife of writer/podcaster Tee Morris, passed away today due to complications with the flu. Please join us in remembering her and her family, especially her daughter, affectionately known as “Sonic Boom”, today. If you are interested in the Sonic Boom Trust Fund, you and fill out the form here to be put on the mailing list.

Tee, our hearts go out to you and SB. We love you!

Susie, Amanda, John and Kevin


  1. tracy johnston says:

    what a heartbreak. I want to help.

  2. Kathleen Hannon says:

    My deepest sympathies for you Tee, and your daughter. What an unexplainable shock and loss. Know that we love you, we’re thinking of you, we’re here if you need us. Sending out huge hugs to you both, and prayers for your wife. Our heartfelt condolences.

    Kathleen Hannon, Paul Churchyard, Emma and Rowan

  3. Tee my friend. I am very saddened to hear about this. I know I have been terrible at keeping in touch, but you and Nat are dear in my heart from good times past.

    You are in my thoughts. If I can do anything please feel free to ask.



  4. Tee, I don’t know what to say other than I’m just so sorry. Andi

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind wishes. I’ll pass them along to Tee and SB. I also posted the info about a fund to help Tee and SB here on the site. Thanks again!

  6. I sat by this for thirty minutes trying to come up with something to say. But the truth is, as I can read from other comments is all words of “wisdom” are trite when it comes to a time like this.
    There is no short phrase or neat package someone can say to truly express comfort or to place context in something as difficult as what you and your daughter are going through.

    My initial response was to offer babysitting as there are many things to do, but I know we live on separate coasts.
    That is a symptom of our inability to feel useful though, and perhaps the best indication of how we feel.
    There is a collective desire to do something to help.

    In that you have inspired and continue to inspire a community of people around you who want to help, even if they are unable.
    Be sure to lean on those who can, even if it is only as an ear to listen.

    With concern,
    Jack and Shannon and all of us at the Sonic Society.

  7. Tee, anything we can do please let us know. Mike has all of our contact info. I know how tough it is raising a child as a single parent. Just know all you friends are here for you, surround yourself with them and know you are in all of our thoughts. You will make it though this.

    Tim, Jenny and Darcy Low

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