HTGYG Show #122: Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Trek Nation

In this episode, I discuss Neil DeGrasse Tyson, his place as a wonderful science communicator and his fantastic podcast StarTalkRadio. His interviews with Whoopi Goldberg and Nichelle Nichols leads to my discussion of the documentary Trek Nation, from the Science Channel.

Trek Nation is the journey of discovery that Rod Rodenberry went on to discover his father Gene’s vision and place in history as the father of Star Trek. Have your kids watch a few episodes of  Star Trek TOS and Next Generation, then watch this documentary together!

And finally, send us your recommendations for iPad apps we should try out, now that we’ve gotten one!

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  1. Ed from Texas says:

    Ipad app recommendation – STAR WALK. Especially if you have the Ipad 2. Your night sky watching will never be the same.

  2. Thanks Ed! We’ll definitely try that one – you aren’t the only person who’s recommended that app!

  3. Doug in Alaska says:

    If dragon Naturally speaking doesn’t end up working for you, I’m sure you can find volunteers that would transcribe straight audio recordings…(HINT HINT)

  4. Thanks Doug! I’ll keep you all posted on the progress – and I appreciate the encouragement. I’m psyching myself up to do this!

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