HTGYG Show #131: Science, It’s a Girl Thing & Venus Transit Stories!

Hey Everyone! We’re finally back with Amanda’s take on the new campaign in Europe – “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” Amanda watched the video, which while it has been removed from YouTube, you can still watch it here at the Telegraph’s website. I agreed with most of the commentary on Twitter – that the video, while it was well-meaning, it was also poorly designed and emphasized stereotypes, and utterly failed to serve the purpose of getting girls to be interested in Science! Amanda gives her ideas on what she finds compelling, and  what gets other kids of either gender inspired. We’ll be following up with this issue – please let us know your thoughts on this issue – plus any information, sites or programs that you all recommend!

Laith and his girls viewing the Venus Transit

We also have a couple of clips from RapidEye and Laith, who went out and watched the Venus transit with their kids. They recorded the kids’ reactions and thoughts, and shared them with us! Thanks again to Laith for giving us a ton of great information for the last episode – he really provided nearly everything for that one!

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