Who is Susie?

Susie, or “Susie the (Southern) Geek” as she is known at Farpoint Media and online, is currently the Producer/Social Media Manager at Universe Today, where she gets to promote fantastic science and space articles, videos, podcasts and events. Susie also spends a good deal of her time working year-round with the dedicated Parsec Awards Steering Committee to celebrate excellence in speculative fiction podcasting, in addition to producing and hosting this podcast.

Susie earned a Master of Science degree in clinical psychology, with specialties in health education and behavioral medicine, and very nearly earned her Ph.D., before realizing that she didn’t really enjoy being a therapist and preferred working with health and science education.

Susie is also a life-long sci-fi, fantasy and science geek, and loves to incorporate her favorite hobbies into raising her kids. She believes that including her kids not only strengthens her relationship with them, but also benefits their development of useful skills such as critical thinking, logic, creativity and reading comprehension, just to name a few.

Susie also is a really big goofball, and tries not to take anything too seriously, especially her kids and herself!

You can email Susie at howtogrowyourgeek(at)gmail.com