Birthday Party!

My daughter turns 8 today, and she had 5 friends over to spend the night last night. Whew - I can't believe that we survived! They are all gone now to their various soccer matches, tennis matches, yard sales and other birthday parties, and we are … [Continue reading]

HTGYG Show #2: Great Games for Kids

In this episode, I present the new hands-only method of CPR. More information is available at the American Heart Association. Then my husband John joins me to comment on last episode's topic of what to do when you bring your little geek home. … [Continue reading]

HTGYG Show #1: You’ve Ruined Everything

Our first show is up - Hooray! Enormous thanks to Summer at Farpoint Media for doing all the hard stuff! In this episode, I introduce myself, the podcast subject matter, and then talk about ways to continue to do geeky stuff when you bring your … [Continue reading]

Welcome to How to Grow Your Geek!

Hi everyone, and welcome! I am happy to announce the How To Grow Your Geek Podcast, coming here soon. I will talk about being a parent and a geek, and how to convert your younglings to our wonderful cause. In order to get this ready, I am … [Continue reading]